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Bespoke Home Stories: The 2021 Design Blog

Welcome to Bespoke Redesign in 2021

Welcome to Bespoke and our new blog series, “Bespoke Home Stories.” I am so happy you are here. 2020 brought us tremendous growth and a need to shake things up in 2021, this blog included. Allow me to reintroduce myself and Bespoke to you as we enter into this new year refreshed and ready for all it will bring. Bespoke is a boutique interior design studio and shop located in Chicago featuring vintage furniture and the Fusion Mineral Paint line.

About a year ago, I partnered with Semihandmade to incorporate a true brick-and-mortar showroom to Chicago. Personally, I have been utilizing Semihandmade since their launch in 2011 to redesign my former home in the Chicago suburbs and now my bungalow in the city. The idea is to design custom interiors with quality craftsmanship but without the hefty price tag. Whether it is through kitchen and bathroom redesign, interior styling, or Fusion Mineral Paint sales, I bring your dream home to life at the right cost. Let’s do this!

Your Home, Tailor-Made

Bespoke speaks to the idea that your home will be custom to you and your own unique vision. What we create together cannot be replicated because it is your heart and soul! The process is different for each client; we assist with small projects such as a bathroom cabinetry hardware update to a full kitchen redesign. As a Semihandmade partner, you receive the same quality craftsmanship at a price that allows you to incorporate upscale and quality upgrades, such as appliances, counters, tile and hardware that make your home stand out from the rest.

From the gorgeous all-white kitchen to the industrious loft, or the classic mid-century design, our goal is to understand your design inspirations and aspirations, decor preferences, lifestyle and budget considerations. Each client brings a different idea and inspiration to the table; your home is representative of you and the lifestyle you choose to curate. We "shop your home" and include family heirlooms and personal treasures into a new tailor-made redesign.

Design Your Bespoke Dream Interior in 2021

If a kitchen, bathroom or living room redesign is on your 2021 “to-do” list, we are here to help make it a reality. Visit our design services, workshops (hopefully coming back soon!) and Bespoke Home Stories blog, to remain inspired throughout the year. There is no limit to the possibilities this year may bring for your interior and your unique design ideas. At Bespoke, we know that the true importance of your home is function. With this, we also share with you how to best maximize your spaces through clever storage and layout ideas. Our clients lead busy lives and while we design beautiful spaces, we also keep function as a top priority in each project. If you are in a design rut, check out Semihandmade's past projects to gain some inspiration for your own space! I am happy to go over any ideas or questions you may have about the process itself.

We are grateful for the chance to be welcomed into the homes of our clients to listen to their dreams and work together to bring these ideas to life. There is nothing like reviewing a remodel’s before and after shots with a client to see all the hard work and ideas that have come to fruition. This is truly what makes each day worth it and we could not be more excited to work with our amazing clients in the coming year. At Bespoke, we are excited to welcome you into our Chicago showroom to understand your goals and dreams and work to make them a reality.

What to Expect From Bespoke Home Stories

We created this blog series to connect to clients and anyone else obsessed with interiors. The industry is vast and we love to share our knowledge and projects for the community to enjoy. As a Semihandmade partner in Chicago, we are excited to incorporate content related to this incredible city and surrounding suburbs and to present what our clients have accomplished this year. There is endless inspiration throughout the city from the beauty of Logan Square, the bustle of downtown, to the shores of Lake Michigan. I am excited to share my past experience designing a house with Semihandmade in both the suburbs of Chicago and now in our beautiful bungalow located in the heart of the city.

In this series, we will continue to post our kitchen and bath redesigns with Semihandmade, our interior styling tips, DIY projects, entertaining tips, and client features. We are most excited to feature our clients because they are what makes the design journey so fun and enjoyable. From their redesigns, to their own family recipes, we want to show you who we get to work with each day! If you are interested in learning more about Bespoke and Semihandmade, head to our “contact” page and we will be in touch soon.

In my previous blog post, I discussed all the ways we plan to shake things up this year at Bespoke Redesign, and one way is through an enhanced social media presence. Be sure to follow our Instagram to see what we are up to and to stay up to date on our latest interior redesigns and renovations. As mentioned in the post, we are growing rapidly and have a number of kitchen and interior redesigns on the books for this upcoming year. We are excited to share our work and client stories with you all! At Bespoke and Semihandmade, we believe this is the year to make all of your interior dreams come true. Happy 2021!

Follow Bespoke on Instagram @bespokeredesign to gain access to the latest home design projects, our client stories, and what is new in the industry.

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