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2021again brought us a lot of changes about how we think about living in our homes. One thing is for certain, we are at home more now than ever so we are focusing on creating spaces that are comfortable and functional. What has not changed is that kitchens remain the center spot and focal point of every home. So what do we see on the horizon for kitchen design.

Dark & Moody

Dark and moody kitchens are here to stay. Bring on the color and make your kitchen unique to you. We suspect we will see a lot of dark rich green, navy and plum kitchens this year and black is definitely here to stay. If you are looking for a custom color, the Semihandmade DIY fronts allow you to be creative and bring your own personality in to your space.

See more of this kitchen here.

See more of this kitchen here.

Walk In Pantries

If space allows, walk in pantries are the hot thing right now and not just for foodstuffs. We are seeing pantries that are completely tricked out with secondary dishwashers, microwave and sinks. Truly like mini prep kitchens that keep your main kitchen clean and tidy for serving and entertaining.

Above design by @renovate108

Pocket Doors

Pocket door cabinets that house the microwave and a coffee station are all the rage. Folks want their counters clear of clutter and want to hide big unsightly appliances. Add interior pops of color to create a fun whimsical design.

See more of this Semihandmade DIY kitchen here.

Never mind coffee... you can also add a little bar to your space hidden behind pocket doors.

See more of this stunning Semihandmade black quarterline kitchen here.

English Country Kitchens

Vintage English country inspired kitchens. Think DeVol kitchens and Jean Stoffer Design and that is all the inspiration you need. Kitchens that are new and functional but feel like they are part of the house and part of it's history. We are here for it and have a lot of vintage inspired kitchen in the works.

See more of this stunning Semihandmade DIY kitchen here.

Dramatic Veiny Counters

Counters with dramatic deep rich veining are having a bit of a moment right now and we love it. Many people are also opting to use counter material on the wall as a backsplash to make a bold statement. Take it a step further and add a little ledge to display art and candles. Plus it is so easy to clean with no grout lines.

Black peppercorn edge cabinetry by BoxibySemihandmade.

Pocket Book Friendly Cabinetry

Budget friendly cabinetry without losing the high end design aesthetic is the way to go so we can spend extra on pro ranges, panel ready dishwashers and refrigerators, hardware and counter tops. Upscale fronts is the sweet spot for Semihandmade backed up by Ikea cabinets 25 year warranty. For a one of a kind kitchen design, take it a step further and custom paint Semihanmade's budget friendly DIY fronts.

Semihandmade also has a new pre-assembled cabinet line - Boxi - if you do not want to deal with the Ikea assembly but still want a stunning, easy to install, affordable kitchen. Check out them out here.

See more images of this stunning DIY shaker by Semihandmade kitchen here.

Kitchen by Boxi by Semihandmade. Learn more here.

We are so excited about design trends for 2022 and would love hear about your kitchen trend predictions. Please leave a comment.

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