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Over the course of the past year, our little studio has grown by leaps and bounds and it was well past time to collaborate with a design partner to help fulfill growing demand for interior design services. I am of the mindset that in order to provide an exceptional level of customer service and attention to detail, it's important to never spread yourself too thin. When a business is growing rapidly you do not want to run the risk of anything falling through the cracks. So early in the new year I set out to partner with an up and coming designer to combine our talents, build off our individual design strengths and support each other in areas of need. Someone that shared my creative entrepreneurial spirit, could think outside of the box and had a desire and passion to provide client centric, budget friendly, upscale design.

Ok, wow, that's a lot to ask for, I know. But I am beyond thrilled and excited to be joining forces with Erica Ashe, our new in house "go to" interior stylist. How did we meet you ask? Well I'm not going to lie, I stalked her fun instagram account and knew instantly we shared the same design aesthetic and was drawn to her energy to grow and start a design business from scratch.

Together Erica and I are working to establish a framework that breaks the traditional mold of interior design services. Our goal is to bring a high quality personal interior design experience to those on the go and on a budget.

Get to know Erica,

Bridging the gap between full service hands on interior design and DIY, Designer and Stylist, Erica Ashe strives to help everyone create a beautiful lifestyle that is attainable.

Inspired by her travels and love for vintage, Erica enjoys curating an aesthetic with thrifted items rich in history and momentos collected from around the world. Encouraging clients to allow their home design to be inspired by the things they love, Erica helps you to identify your own unique style in order to make your house feel like home. By combining quality foundational pieces with "looks for less" and recommended "designer hacks", Erica will help make your vision a reality no matter the budget.

Check her out and follow on instagram @chitownhouse

Our business has grown from the ground up because of you all. We are so excited about this next chapter and look forward to working with you to make this vision become a reality.

Also, please check out our new interior design services page here.

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