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2021 Year in Review

Seriously, where did the time go? 2021 has been a year in which the studio has seen amazing growth and opportunity, and the resilience shown not only from our clients but the industry at large has allowed us to create some amazing spaces. Before readjusting our mindsets to take us into a new year, we want to reflect on 2021 and acknowledge how pivotal it’s been for Bespoke. Without further ado, some introductions may be necessary!

Although a one-woman show is thrilling, some additions to my team have proven to be invaluable. First I would like to (re)introduce Erica Ashe, who has brought in an eye for beauty and inspires clients to look beyond the functionality of the design. As an interior designer, e-designer, and stylist, Erica can help manifest that overflowing Pinterest board into a personalized interior aesthetic! Next up, Hannah Pniak. Oh man, where do I start– Hannah, an experienced interior designer with some wicked sketch-up skills, joined the studio as my design assistant later in the year and has gone on to create some stunning renderings for our clients. Feel free to check out some of our work together here! Lastly, I would like to introduce Kyndal Gragg, who Semihandmade brought in as a Showroom Associate to help clients understand the process of working with Semihandmade and BOXI. Unsure of where to start creating your dream kitchen? Make an appointment to get an idea of how a Semihandmade/BOXI kitchen can work for you!

With the introduction of BOXI, the Semihandmade brand has expanded with this pre-assembled cabinet line to make a kitchen renovation more seamless and less labor-intensive. Bespoke being the only Semihandmade/BOXI showroom in Illinois, we have the pleasure of displaying a BOXI vignette in-house!

BOXI Vignette at Bespoke Redesign Studio

With all of the new additions, to say we’ve been busy is an understatement! We’ve conceptualized, ordered, and installed 40+ Semihandmade/BOXI projects and it’s only up from here. By the looks of it, 2022 is shaping up to be just as strong as we currently have 10+ kitchens in the works so make sure to keep an eye out on Instagram to see the progression of some of these projects.

Without dwelling too long, the challenges we faced during the year shouldn’t be taken lightly. Covid continued to impact our personal and professional lives but we preserved through it all. From a design standpoint, supply chain issues continued through 2021 and it seemed like IKEA’s inventory ebbed and flowed constantly. Some days it felt as if it was getting better and others, there wasn’t a cabinet box insight. To accommodate this I functioned as a defacto IKEA warehouse, using my garage space to store items as they became available… Let's just say our local IKEA got to know me well. All of this aside, we did it, and we'll continue creating stunning, affordable kitchens this upcoming year.

We've had a busy year-- as you can see our last blog post was from 2021. In the new year, we promise to do better! From us to you– Happy New Year!

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